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- Fimmvörðuháls Eruption, Eyjafjallajökull - Iceland 2010 -


Watching the sunset slowly fade, and the aurora slowly whirl into life, was one of the most incredible sights I have ever witnessed. Backed by the soft "bark" of the active volcano shunting out huge chunks of molten rock, and with the freezing wind whipping about, this felt like a waking dream. Getting a good exposure to record on my camera, however, proved to be more of a nightmare. It ended up involving reversed ND grads, a mars bar wrapper and a number of failed attempts...

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All prints ordered through this site are printed on the Fujicolour Crystal Archive papers, which are guaranteed colourfast for over 75 years. The prints will be edge-to-edge, unless otherwise requested through the contact form here, or if they are panoramic or square format - these images will occupy as much space as possible within the chosen size, with the empty area left clear white.

The canvases that you can order are exceptionally high quality - something I am very passionate about since recently there has been a huge influx into the market of cheap canvas suppliers who compromise on quality in order to bring down the price. Ultimately these warp, stretch or lose their colours quickly. Having personally seached for the right product, the canvases used to print for my photographs are handmade on artist grade canvas, have chunky 3.8cm warp-resistant frames and are triple laquer coated to give them a highly durable, attractive finish.

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